Race Framers 11" Wide By 8.5" Tall Double Medal Desktop Display Frame With Plaques

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  • Race Medal Frame with Photo and Plaque

    Can’t decide which sporting achievement to showcase? This 11” landscape desktop frame with double medal windows and customizable event plaques makes for the perfect memory to place on a desk at home or at work. The frame comes in your choice of black or white matting to showcase two highlights of your sporting achievements, and can be propped up with the easel rest on the back.

  • Made with premium materials

    • Acrylite® framing grade acrylic: Gives the look of real glass without the fear of cracking
    • Crescent ® mats: High-quality PH-neutral mats that retain their color over time
    • Alumijet® satin silver aluminum plaque: Adds the final bit of polish
    • New for 2018 - Flech Paper Products™ easel back with upgraded wall hook: Frame can now be displayed on desktop or wall

    Frame details

    • Frame size: Approximately 13” x 10.5”
    • Mat size: 11” x 8.5”
    • Medal size: Holds up to two 4” wide medals
    • Plaque size: 4.5” x 1”
  • Customization options

    Frame Molding Choices

    • 1-1/4" Black Molding: All-wood with smooth black face and sides 
    • 1-1/4" White Molding: All-wood with smooth white face and sides 
    • 1-1/4" Scratched Black Molding: All-wood with longitudinal grooves along the face and smooth black sides
    • 1-3/8" Cherry Molding: All-wood with a cherry face, black edges and smooth black sides
    • 1-3/8" Mahogany Molding: All-wood with a mahogany face, black edges and smooth black sides

    Mat Choices

    • Black With White Window Borders
      • White With Black Window Borders

      Select your frame details