Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Make Custom Frames?

All of our frames are custom. We work with you after the purchase of a standard frame to customize it to your vision. If one of our standard frames does not fit all your memorabilia, then we will work with you to create a fully unique display for your items.

How Long Does It Take To Make And Ship A Frame?

Typically, a standard frame can be customized with event information via email in 1 - 3 days, fully custom frames take about a week. Once a layout and the event information have been finalized, the frame takes 1 - 2 days to build and ship.

Can You Frame Other Events Than What Is On Your Website?

Absolutely. We can create a frame for almost any event. Some of our larger frames, which incorporate multiple medals, pictures, and event information, span nearly 3' x 3'.

If I Like A Frame In A Category Other Than My Event, Can I Have It Taylored To My Memorabilia?

In most cases yes, as long as there are the same number of medals, pictures and event information it should work.

What If My Medal Is Too Large For Your Standard Frames?

Send us and email at with a picture of your medal next to a ruler and we can tailor a layout to fit your medal. In the case of large medals, we often recommend using 5" x 7" photos to help balance the larger medal in the frame.

Can You Use A Specific Font For The Event Information?

Yes, if you know exactly what font you want to use. Our default font is Engravers MT Regular, which is displayed in all our sample and gallery frames.

How Do You Handle Various Race Bib Sizes?

If you order a frame with a race bib window, we will ask you to send us a picture of the race bib next to a ruler so we can create a window for your bib. We also recommend hot laminating your race bib, this will preserve it as well as take out most of the wrinkles.