Example 25" Wide By 18" Tall Ultimate Triathlon Frame

Race Framers' 25" Wide By 18" Tall Ultimate Triathlon Frame is perfect for any triathlon memorabilia where the athlete has the medal, swim cap, race bib, and three race photos. In this example, I've used my Ironman 70.3 Raleigh® race memorabilia where I participated alongside three of my family members who entered as a relay team. From the race, I have my three race photos (4" x 6" portrait), bib (7.25" x 5.75"), swim cap and medal.

Swim, Bike, Run Finisher Photos

I've also customized the four event plates with the following information:

  • Swim: 1:07:15 - 1.2 Miles
  • Bike:  3:54:52 - 56 Miles
  • Run: 3:05:02 - 13.1
  • Total Time: 8:18:19 -  70.3 Miles

Four event plates with race details

Below are several different angles of the complete frame. To increase clearity and remove glare, the Acrilyte® acrylic window and 1/4" spacer have been removed.

Front View

Bottom Left View

Top Right View Complete Frame

Ultimate Triathlon Frame View From Bottom