Artisan Frame Collection


Artisan Frames are a creative way of turning event memorabilia such as a medal and ribbon into a work of art. When completed, the piece should blend well with a chosen style of home decor. Layouts are custom tailored to the items being framed and typically include custom styled windows that highlight each items unique shape.


Rock N Roll New Orleans Remix Medal Double Layer Contoured Window

Pricing varies depending on the number of items being framed and the total customization of the project. Typically, completed frames begin at $150 and scale up with layout size, the number of nested mouldings, style and shape of mats and windows, acrylic choice and design complexity.

Below are some examples of Artisan Frames

5th Anniversary Hollywood Half Marathon Medal In An Artisan Frame

The 5th Anniversary Hollywood Half Marathon Finisher's Medal is set in a custom contoured black mat with a white core. To give the frame an upgraded shadowbox type appearance, three separate frame mouldings were stacked and joined together. 

2017 Rock N' Roll New Orleans Finisher Medals

Set in three custom contoured windows, these medals are delineated by a double white mat border. They sit approximately a quarter inch below a suspended shadow border inside a 3-level nested frame. With the three combined mouldings, the frame is 28.25" wide by 15.25" tall and 2" deep. 

Oak Island 5K Artisan Frame

A 4" Oak Island 5K medal in a 3-level, nested frame. The moulding has a slightly weathered and white-washed appearance which blends well with the coastal theme of the medal.

2016 Spartan Kid's Finisher Medal Artisan Frame

A 2016 Spartan Kid's Finisher medal in a 2-level nested frame with an aged wood and metal finish. The window for the medal is custom designed to highlight its shape with three semi-circles along the top of the circle.

Four Ironman Medal Artisan Frame

Four Ironman medals chronologically displayed in a vertical frame with each ribbon's logo, year and "Finisher" displayed. The frame is a 3-level nested contemporary brushed metal and wood combination that can match almost any style of home decor.