The Shadowbox Medal Display Frame

March 20, 2018

The Shadowbox Medal Display Frame

Shadowbox Medal Display Frame

Every year I receive a myriad of email from potential customers about shadowbox frames. Shadowbox frames are notoriously expensive and difficult to build. They typically have a float molding, a cover molding, an extra large mat (so the items inside don't lay inside the shadow), and they can be challenging to put together. Shadowbox frames unquestionably fit within the vision of my business, which is "To have the best frames, largest selection of layouts and fastest delivery times", but I needed to solve a couple of problems before I could bring this dream to fruition.

First, I needed to figure out an economical, time and cost, way to make them if I wanted to deliver a premium product at a reasonable price. So I bought some 1-3/4" deep float molding and started experimenting. What I came up with is a simple traditional molding screwed to the float molding. Simple enough to make, but this meant I would have to make the display kit accessible from the back to avoid removing the cover molding. If the cover molding is removed, the acrylic window will fall out, and customers could easily scratch it and/or potentially damage the cover molding.

Cover Molding, Acrylic Window and Float Molding Cross Section

The second problem of making a shadowbox frame solely accessible from the back is a little trickier. I played around with several ideas and settled on one with a fixed cover mat that is secured within the shadowbox frame. If you've watched some of my assembly video you might be asking yourself "So how do you attach and center the medal so it is perfectly aligned if you can't remove the cover mat?". The answer: I include in the backfill a piece of matboard with a window size the same as the window in the cover mat. This extra piece of backfill mat can be aligned with the bottom mat to center the medal. The result is an EZ-Medal Shadowbox Display Frame that reasonably priced and easy for customers to add a medal too.

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