Medal Display Frames Showcase Achievements

May 07, 2018

Medal Display Frames Showcase Achievements

A medal display frame is a great way to showcase the achievements that competitive athletes work towards.

Whether it’s an endurance event like a marathon or half-marathon, a grueling obstacle course competition like Spartan or Toughmudder, or 'just' a charity run – or walk! – these medals are valued mementos.

As keepsakes, they remind us not just of a memorable day, but of the time & effort spent preparing and training, of the people who participated or competed with us, and the triumph of mind over body.

Why then do they so often end up in drawers or closets?

One reason is that there’s no easy way to frame or display medals.

Hanging them on a hook or pinning them to a wall with a thumbtack just doesn’t look good or do them justice.

Inside the Race Framers shop!

I started Race Framers for this very reason – not because I wanted to start a business selling race medal frames, but because I didn’t want my own growing collection of race memorabilia gathering dust in a drawer or closet.

After all, I worked hard to earn those medals, and they meant a lot to me, just as they do for anyone who earns them.

Initially, I poked around online, and found a few companies offering display frames - but after a few disappointing experiences buying and trying what was available, I decided to make my own.

Fast-forward a few years, and Race Framers is now one of the premier makers of high-quality medal display frames, each one produced by hand - with love! - in my shop right here in North Carolina.

Designing a frame for a customer!

If you’re looking for a frame for yourself or your favorite athlete, browse through the website. If you’re not sure what to get, or what information you’ll need, just shoot me an email or pick up the phone; I’ll happily go over everything with you, and take the time to answer any questions you may have.

(If you’re considering this as a gift for someone else, I now offer gift cards, letting the medal-holder choose their frame themselves).

The start of another custom medal display frame!

I still compete, I still make my own frames, and I put the same care and effort into the display frames I make for customers as I put into the ones hanging in my own home and office!

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