March 18, 2017 Savage Race Florida

March 23, 2017

March 18, 2017 Savage Race Florida

Picture In Front Of Savage Race Baner

If you love the obstacles in OCR races, then you will love Savage Race. The course featured 25 high-quality, challenging structures that will leave your arms devastated. It may only have been 6.1 miles, but half way through you are hit with back to back Savage creations. From staple bouldering and jump walls to one-of-a-kind plunges, slides and rotating wheel bars, the last three miles will wear you down.

Savage Junior Foam Bath

The race took place on a beautiful farm in Dade City, Florida, with a gentle walk through a mowed field to packet pickup and the race village. My daughter participated in Savage Junior, which was about a half mile with a dozen obstacles. The entire course was dry with tubes, climbs, and crawling structures and ended with a bubble/foam machine before crossing the finish line. Each Savage Junior finisher received a medal, which surprisingly was the same medal the Savage finishers get.

Savage Junior Obstacle

For the Savage Race, the course conditions are very dependent on the weather that week, which was dry, but I still expected to trudge through a significant amount of swamp similar to Spartan. It was a nice change of pace not to run through knee-high mud and crawl through 6-inch deep mud under barbwire. Except for a couple of small swamp crossings and water plunges the entire course was dry and mowed.

Hangarang Obstacle

Savage Race Blazed Obstacle

There were several obstacles that I loved and made me want to sign up for another Savage Race. The first was the Sawtooth, monkey bars that go up, down, up, then down again, over a pool of water. I saw a number of people plummet into the murky waist-high lagoon. Davy Jones Locker was my favorite, a 15-foot jump off a platform into a 15-foot deep man-made pond. It brought back childhood memories of jumping off cliffs into rivers. Another favorite was Colossus Slide, a 24-foot tall waterslide. After several arm intensive feats, it was nice to take a break and have a little child-like fun.

Savage Race Start

Savage Race Florida Finish

Overall, Savage Race hosted a spectacular event with world-class obstacles. Their choice of venue was perfect, the farm was a little over an hour outside of Orlando and very well groomed. Savage Junior and Savage Race had top-notch features, and the course was fantastic.

Savage Race Finisher Medal

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