How to Motivate Your Next Marathon Training

February 27, 2019

How to Motivate Your Next Marathon Training

Whether it’s your first marathon or your thirtieth, finding the motivation to keep on pounding the streets can be very difficult. From the first runs where you quickly run out of steam to the ones on your ninth week of training that are showing no signs of improvement, motivation can often be in short supply. Trying to stay excited and motivated for your training is obviously an essential process, but the question is how to maintain that level of commitment. If you're already training for your next marathon or you’re considering signing up for your first, here are some motivational tips you might not have considered.


Start Slow

Don’t try and run a marathon on your first training day. It takes time to build up the strength and the stamina needed for a marathon. Pushing yourself too hard exposes you to the risk of injury, but not only that, it also makes you feel like you’ve taken on too much. Start slowly and your improvements will show.


Decorative Motivation

New York City Marathon Medal, Race Bib And Pictures Framed

If you already have some medals from previous marathons, then it can be great motivation to have them visible. There are some fantastic medal display cases available, and by putting them in the right spot, they could be incredibly motivational. Whether you put your marathon medal display in the kitchen (to inspire you to eat healthily) or by the front door (to inspire you to train) is up to you. The fact is that leaving your medals in a box in the garage is not going to motivate you. Pick a marathon medal display case frame and it could be all the motivation you need to keep on training.


Perfect Playlists

Music is one of the best motivators out there, and if you listen to music as you run then you already know how much it can help. Not only does it distract you from the monotony and muscle stress of marathon training, the right songs can inspire you even more. Look for tracks that have a tempo of anywhere between 120 and 140 bpms, as these have been shown to be the perfect pace for training.


Keep Time

Always make a note of your times. Having a record of the time it took you to complete a run is a great way of knowing where you are, and that data can be used to identify where you need to improve. The best thing about this motivational data collection is that you gradually see your times improve. That alone could be the best form of motivation that you need.


Treat Yourself

Training for a marathon is always going to be hard work, but you will need to have rest days. It can be great for your motivation to treat yourself to a reward for all that you have achieved. Whether that’s a night out with friends or your own medal display case for improved motivation, it is up to you. Milestone rewards are a great way to help you reach your goals and get the most from your training.


There’s no avoiding the fact that training for a marathon is going to be difficult. As well as keeping your dietary and exercise regimen top notch, you will also have to place a high priority on motivation. Use these initial motivation tips and you could be crossing the finish time sooner than you think with an all-time personal best.

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