How to Appreciate Your Swim Team

March 20, 2019

How to Appreciate Your Swim Team

When you are part of a sports team, it is important to keep morale and team spirit alive. There will be times when your love for swimming is tested, like when a swim meet doesn’t go according to plan, or your team doesn’t bring home the gold, but it's vital to keep your team’s passion for swimming alive.

Whether you are a coach for a swim team or swim captain, there are ways for you to show your appreciation and boost their spirit. Here are five ways to appreciate your swim team.

1.   Say “Thank you”

Everyone in your team has dedicated a part of themselves and their life to the team. It is important to say “Thank you” for them turning up not only to practice and meets but also joining the team in general. Their hard work is a contribution, so do not forget that them taking the time to be there and better their skills for the sake of the team should be appreciated.

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2.   Remind them of their skills and strengths

We will all suffer from a knock in confidence every now and then, but what’s important is pulling ourselves back up and focusing on our existing skills and strengths, while also taking constructive criticism onboard. If someone on the team comes in third, then remind them about how fast they were for even medaling. Also, if someone has incredible technique but needs to focus on their speed, do not forget to mention this.

3.   Display their achievements

When bad days are present, it is easy for us to forget about all the good your team has done. By investing in a swim cap medal display, you can hang your team’s greatest achievements in the locker room so that before they go out to train or compete, they have a reminder about where they stand. A medal display case is a fantastic way to highlight your teams’ achievements and offer a boost in confidence.

Tip: Once a year, you could also bring friendly competition to the team. Have your teammates compete against one another, and whoever wins can be awarded a swim cap medal display for them to take home and hang up proudly for all to see.

4.   Refine your body language

Words are not everything, and sometimes it is important to understand how your body language can impact a person’s confidence. For instance, standing with your arms crossed can seem hostile, whereas having relaxed and uncrossed limbs means you’re being genuine in your actions. While your body language should be natural, remember that looking away to the side and having crossed arms or legs can make you seem frustrated.

5.   Celebrate the little wins

Big wins are incredible, but so are the little wins, so do not forget to celebrate them. While you won’t want to overcompensate and celebrate the insignificant, if someone on the team replaces their personal best, be sure to notice this and congratulate them. Do not get blindsided by the gold medal. 

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