Creating A Work Of Art From Four Ironman Medals

March 05, 2017

Creating A Work Of Art From Four Ironman Medals

Four Ironman medals in an artisan frame

Between 2014 and 2016 I completed four Ironmans. Instead of creating separate displays for each one, I wanted to build a work of art that incorporated all four medals. I chose three different frame mouldings that would be combined to create a multi-depth frame similar to a framed object in an art gallery.

I also wanted to include each ribbon and have various parts of the ribbon highlighted with a window. There were three parts of the ribbon, the logo, date and "Finisher, that I wanted to surround the accompanying medal. In the back matting, I added slots to feed the ribbon through and a circular window for each medal. The top matting covered the slots and delineated each piece.

To give the frame extra depth and elegance, the acrylic window was set between the outer frame and the float frame while the medals and ribbons were secured to the inner moulding. With a plush mat border and shadowbox effect, the now work of art is ready to hang in any area of my home.

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