Creating A Unique Piece Of Art Out Of A Race Medal

March 01, 2017

Creating A Unique Piece Of Art Out Of A Race Medal

Traditionally, medal frames have a window for the event medal, some information printed or engraved on a plate, they may have areas for pictures and even a race bib or headband. These frames look great and are a wonderful conversation item that encapsulates a proud moment in time. Our unique line of Artisan frames moves away from the traditional and creates an object of home decor from an event medal. These handcrafted frames are designed to blend with varying decorative styles. Below is a medal from the Oak Island 5K in North Carolina. It pictures a lighthouse, bridge and sea oats, all of which a runner will see along the marathon course.

To create the layout, the ribbon was removed and fed through angled slots in the third layer of matting creating a diamond surrounding the medal and adding color to the layout. The medal is further set back into the fourth level mat adding extra depth. To create a truly unique frame, the moulding consists of three separate mouldings that are fastened together. Collectively, the frame works well with any coastal decor and will make a one-of-a-kind display that is also a great conversation piece.

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