10 Reason To Frame Your Medal

February 09, 2018

10 Reason To Frame Your Medal

Chicago Marathon Medal Frame

1. To Inspire Others - Mentioning something once to someone about a race you completed doesn't usually motivate them to go out and sign up for an event. However, multiple impressions do start to fire-up the engine of change. You might be surprised by who takes on the challenge of training for a marathon after they've seen your finisher medal hanging in the office.

2. To Remind You Why You Did It - It's easy to get home exhausted and sore and throw your medal, bib and other race gear in the closet. After a while, you forget about it, and the only time you end up talking about your triumph is if someone mentions training for an Ironman. On the other hand, if you pass by your finisher medal regularly, you remember why you committed to the challenge and may be more likely to say yes to other challenges that present themselves.

Charleston Marathon Medal Frame

3. It'll Make You Happy - Remember that feeling, after suffering for hours, when you finally cross the finish line and the volunteer hands you a medal? Each time you look at your medal hanging on the wall, it will remind you of that time you didn't let adversity stop you or the time you finally talked all of your siblings into running a half marathon together.

4. A Great Conversation Piece - Do you like to talk about yourself? Of course, we all do. Frame a medal, take it to work and put it on your desk or hang it on the wall. Then sit back and enjoy talking about yourself. I remember going to the podiatrist, after losing a toenail from the Myrtle Beach Marathon, and seeing his Boston Marathon finisher medal hanging on the wall. We spent the first 5 - 10 minutes talking about various races and how his wife competed at Ironman Kona.

5. Motivation To Try Harder - My first half Ironman was St. George, Utah. I finished in 6:15:06, framed the medal with the time and hung it on the wall. I went back to training and completed four full Ironmans. At Ironman Augusta 70.3 I finished with a time of 5:02:39, just shy of breaking 5 hours. Now I stare at my Augusta finisher medal and time and think about how to knock off another 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

6. Motivation To Try Something New - By 2016, I was a veteran triathlete and 4x Ironman. Obstacle course racing such as Spartan, Tough Mudder and Savage Race were gaining popularity. As I'm looking at my Ironman medals, I thought "Why not try something new?", so I signed up for the Asheville Spartan Super a week after Ironman Vineman and loved it.

Ironman 70.3 All World Athlete Medal Frame

7. It Looks Professional - I know medal hangers can be an economical, popular way to show off multiple medals, but they don't always look polished at the office. For the most part, they are filled with unrelated races and have a multitude of clashing colors that overload the senses. Think about a museum exhibit where each piece is neatly showcased, without being cluttered. What if the museum curator decided to increase the number of articles in the exhibit by a factor of 20 and not increase the size of the space? It would be too much. You wouldn't know where one event began and another started. The same is true for a framed medal versus twenty on a hanger. When your senses are overwhelmed, you move on instead of stopping to admire.

8. It's A Team Builder - More than once I've been part of a half Ironman, half marathon or 5K team because my medals inspired a conversation around the water cooler that led to signing up for a team event. Many people don't think they have what it takes or the courage to do what you do on their own. As a group, they feel stronger and more supported. On race day, after that last person crosses the finish line, each member of the team feels bonded to the other, and that, as a team, they accomplished an insurmountable task.

Spartan Trifecta Medal Frame 

9. They're Unique - Do you like having something different on display and watching others stop to admire what you've put out? A well-framed finisher medal may be the answer. Finisher medals are an eye-catching and creative way to add a personal touch to an office or home that you just don't see that often.

10. Because You Have Some Space To Fill - Whether it is a spot on your desk or an area of a wall, a framed medal might be just the thing to go there. If you planned on buying something to absorb that extra space, why not pull that favorite medal or medals out of the closet and add them to a frame? I'm not saying cover every wall in your house with framed medals (that might look like you are bragging), but one or two can appear classy in a home office.

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